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Step 1: Access AppConsent

Create an account

Link to create an account now


For Free and Standard plans:

You’ll be invited to complete plan informations (volume MAU/UU, Domains package) and some information about your profile (Company name, name, email...)

After that, you will have 14 days to test one of the 2 AppConsent plans for free. You will be invited to complete your account information during this time. If you don’t complete your informations, on the 15th day, you will need to do it and sign your contract before to access your account.

For Enterprise plan, contact-us

Switch plan or cancel subscription

From your account, you can manage your subscription: switch plan or cancel the current one. Go to profile and choose Plan and billing, you will be redirected to Stripe to make those choices.

For Enterprise plan, [contact-us][](