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Step 1: Access AppConsent

Create an account

Link to create an account now


You’ll be invited to complete general informations (Name, Email, MAU/UU), some information about your company (Company name, address, legal representative name, company registration number, VAT number...) and some payment informations.

After that, you will have 14 days to test one of the 3 AppConsent plans for free. If you don’t cancel your subscription or switch plans during this period, your subscription will start automatically the fifteenth day. On the fifteenth day, back on AppConsent, you will need to sign your contract in order to have access to your account.

The Xchange plan does not have a trial period because the subscription is free. In exchange for the free subscription, SFBX collects basic, non-intrusive organic data from the users' devices.

Switch plan or cancel subscription

From your account, you can manage your subscription: switch plan or cancel the current one. Go to profile and choose Plan and billing, you will be redirected to Stripe to make those choices.


To switch to paid plans from Xchange, you need to contact us at to subscribe.