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Here you will find all the information you need to setup, customize and implement our AppConsent CMP solution. You can also contact support and view the FAQ.

The basics of setting up your CMP

What do you want to do?Take action
I am just starting out and want to set up my first consent notice quickly.Set up my first notice in a few minutes ⏲
I want to create and take the time to personalize my consent notice.Create a step-by-step notice 🖊
I want to implement my consent notice.Choose my environment: Web / Android App / iOS App / React-Native / Flutter / Unity
My audience must be able to change their choices at any time. How can I make it easy for them to do so?Display the privacy widget on my platform 🏷
I want to track my performance statistics and the consent rate of my notice.Understand and use the dashboard 📊

Need help?

AppConsent CMP in a few words

AppConsent is a CMP, a Consent Management Platform, created by SFBX. The GDPR aims to protect personal data by requiring any website or application to request the consent of users to collect and use their data. A CMP is a dedicated tool that allow websites, inApp applications to collect consent and disclose vendors informations as required by regulators.

If you or any third party vendor collect data for marketing purposes or other purposes at the id level (cookies, IDFA,ADID,Hashmail...), you need a CMP.

At SFBX, our main concern is to re-establish a relationship of trust between users and the various digital actors through reasoned and transparent use of personal data in order to offer them a personalized quality experience. Through the secure and transparent collection of consent allowing the processing of his data, the user can control its use.

Thanks to this regain of control, the user freely chooses to share his data in a relevant and unambiguous way.

Find out more about AppConsent and our plans.

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