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Step 2: Create a notice

This section will help you to create your own notice, step by step, through AppConsent.

What is a notice?

A notice is a consent window that you will implement on your website or your mobile App.


The Clear notice template meets the accessibility requirements of WCAG 2.1, level AA. The tags required for assistive technologies (for screen reader software with Braille or audio output) have been implemented in the code. As for the graphic design, it was co-constructed with a UI designer specialized in accessibility issues. For example, the switches have two ways of signifying their status: color and icon (criterion 1.4.1 - Use of Color)

Web notice (Clear template)

Web notice Clear template introduction page
Web notice Clear template settings page

Mobile notice (Clear template)

Here is an example of a mobile notice, you can modify as you please during the creation.

mobile notice classic template introduction page
mobile notice classic template settings page
mobile notice classic template success page