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Specific consents (Floating purposes)

A floating purpose is a purpose for which only the storage of consent is concerned. The text part is managed by your source code. From Notices, in the edition of a notice, the Floating extra purpose field is in step 2 Configuration. For the moment, the only existing floating extra purpose is "ATT".


ATT: App Tracking Transparency. This is a recent pop-up from Apple, the user's answer to the question "Do you allow this application to track you?" will impact the identifier that is transmitted in the requests. If he does not want to be tracked, the IDFA will not be accessible anymore, we will then use the IDFV, and if the IDFV is not detectable, then we create a UUID.

More information on Apple's ATT

More information on User Privacy and Data Use at Apple


To go further: This is a save-floating-purpose API. The consent payload is stored separately in another array. If the payload contains an External ID, it should be saved as is so as not to lose the UUID/ContractID mapping, etc.